About us:

Ebaboon.com is a young, vibrant, energetic  internet company, started by George Burgos CEO of "Soy Exitoso s.a.s. It began when a basic question was asked by a Neuro-linguistic programming seminar participant: "

"What I need is a job to be able to put food on my family's table"

This question was followed by one of my own.

"How can I help create jobs, and at the same time teach by example the power of the law of attraction/ the law of vibration/ the law of abundance?"

Ebaboon reached out to small local manufacturers, those eager to grow and thrive, hungry for a larger market in which to sell their products.

To qualify the requirements were simple:

(1) Quality products , backed by a guarantee that is more than fair.

(2) Value for the money.

(3) A fair price that will constantly bring back customers.

(4) A brand name of which a manufacturer is proud and will stand behind.

(5) All products on the website ebaboon.com must be in inventory.

(6) Reasonable shipping cost that make sense.

As these  micro manufacturers grow through their sales, more and more work opportunities will arise answering the question.

" What I need is a job to be able to put food on my family's table."  


George Burgos, CEO